Coffee of the Day

grande skim cappuccino

Mmmmmmmmm. Sweet nectar of the morning. I missed you yesterday.

Though, I was at a baseball game, sooo let’s just say I was satisfied in a different but equal way. Also known as hot dogs and beer. I love baseball. And beer. And hot dogs. The Hubbster decided awhile back that we should go to Opening Day for the Nationals, because he’s never been to an Opening Day before. I didn’t argue due to my previously mentioned love of baseball, beer and hot dogs (especially in the middle of a Thursday). There was quite a bit of pomp and circumstance during the pre-game events, including fireworks and an Air Force fly-over. I love a good fly-over (in addition to the beer, baseball and hot dogs). It just kind of makes your body tingle and get excited for the sports that are about to commence. So really, it was quite a top notch day.

But back to my coffee. Alvaro, you’re on a roll. What? I don’t need to write down your drink on your cup, because I know it, and I’m going to make it with great care and then you’re going to blog about how awesome it is. This is what I imagine that he was thinking when I rolled in today. You need to add a 90’s white rapper feel while you say it to get the full effect. I don’t really know why I added a 90’s white rapper flair to it, but I’m sure it’s incredibly accurate to what actually transpired in his head. I can read people like a book.


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