We Don’t Do Gifts

This image brought to you by Ace Hardware
This image brought to you by Ace Hardware (but not really-he just likes his saw)

Ahhh, December.

As much as I complain about the cold weather that plagues the Midwest during the seemingly endless winter season, there’s something about the chill in December that’s almost comforting.

I love this time of year. I love snuggling my face into a new cozy scarf and sipping on spiked apple cider. I love that first snow, when it’s still pretty and magical. I love watching Christmas movies in the evenings with the Hubbster, and singing along with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. I love sending out Christmas cards. I love the lights that don all the city trees and the holiday tunes playing in all of the stores. I love watching people excitedly find the perfect presents for their significant others.


Not joining them. Just watching. You see, my husband and I… We don’t do gifts. Continue reading


Dear Hubbster: Two

Dear Hubbster,

Today is our 2-year Wedding Anniversary, and there is something I need to say: Holy shit that went quickly. Anniversaries tend to sneak up on us. I remember remembering our 3-year dating anniversary about a week after the fact, and calling you up to discuss how silly we are. I think we’ve only celebrated 2 anniversaries the entire time we’ve been together, which is… thinking… counting… staring off into space… 13 minus 5… 8 years next August. So that’s at least 6 missed opportunities.

It doesn’t help that we aren’t really ‘holiday’ people. We don’t really give gifts at Christmas or birthdays or anniversaries. We don’t feel the need to designate a specific day to do something special for each other. I know it sounds cheesy, but I like to treat every day like it’s our anniversary. To take some time every day to show you that I appreciate you. That I love you just as much, if not more, than I did the day I married you. That you are the person I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with, and I don’t want a take-back.

You’re kind of awesome. I’ve told you this in many different ways on this blog over the past year, and hopefully in more ways than you can handle in real life. But here’s another one, in the wise and immortal words of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt: I love you and I like you. Thank you for being you. For being more than I ever could’ve asked for in a husband. I love you so much I could explode.

And thank you for not yelling at me when I was late for our ceremony. It was the rain, I swear.


Coffee of the New Year

This isn’t my first coffee of 2013, but it is the first coffee of my new year. I’m not really one for resolutions. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever made one–not a serious one anyway. So here goes. My first ever New Years Resolution: to be fearless.
No, I did not get that from the Taylor Swift song (though I do love her I’ve never really been a fan of that particular melody). All week I’ve been snipping at the Hubbster. The last time that happened was when we were freshmen in college and I was at Miami of Ohio. It ended when he said “Jenny, you’re not happy there.” And he was right. I really wasn’t. I was just afraid to admit it. Why, I’m not really sure. Once I got it though, I went full speed. I spent the next 3 days putting together my transfer application to Illinois. I had missed the deadline (which was in January) but could still apply if I included a letter of petition and got it all in by March 1st. I didn’t find out the decision until my last day of finals. I had been calling the admissions office every day because I really didn’t want to go back to Miami. Then my online status finally changed from “Committee Review” to “Accepted.” That was a good day.
Moral of that long story: I figured out I was unhappy, identified the problem, and worked relentlessly to do something about it.
Last night when the Hubbster said “why have you been so angry this week?” I knew exactly why. Because I’ve been afraid to go after what I want. And what kills me is that I’ve actually known for a long time. I’ve just been afraid, like I was then. But not anymore.

I want to be a writer. I want to build up my blog into something special and marketable. I want to write romantic comedy type novels. I want my novels to be turned into movies. I want to study improv and acting, have supporting roles in the movies my books are turned into, and be a companion on Doctor Who (that last one is a long shot since I am American, but I think Steven Moffat could make it work). I want to be interviewed on the Daily Show and tell Jon Stewart that he is number 3 on my celebrity sex list. He will blush and it will be awesome. Most importantly I want to stop being embarrassed or scared about saying that these are things I want. In fact, I’m going to put them on the Internet, so I can’t take them back.

It’s going to be a good year.

New Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie: What’s Your Number?

I kind of wanted to see this movie when it came out. Emphasis on the “kind of.” Therefore I never physically made it to the theater. Or the RedBox, or iTunes, or any other place where I would have to actually seek it out. Then one afternoon about a month ago, I stumbled upon it via my friend’s HBOgo. We don’t have HBO, because the Hubbster and I felt that paying for HBO just to watch the Newsroom was a little silly. Anyhoo, I was bored and felt like watching a movie. I wasn’t looking for anything particularly life-changing, and thought “Chris Evans is cute, let’s go with that.” Then I watched it four times in two weeks.


So, I decided to buy it. And I’ve watched it three times since then, for a grand total of… doing the math… carry the one… seven times. In a month. Don’t judge.

Stop it. I can feel you judging.

Fine, judge. Seven times is a little excessive. But I can’t help it, it’s like crack. And with the Hubbster away and my tv not constantly on ESPN, I have a lot of free time on my hands.

For those of you unfamiliar with the plot, Ally Darling (Anna Faris) reads an article in a magazine about how, on average, women have 10.5 lovers in their lifetime. Thinking that is incredibly low, she takes inventory and discovers that she has slept with 19 guys. Attempting to make herself feel better, she compares with her friends. Most are less than 10, and the “slut” of the group is at 13. Ouch. Then, while helping her sister taste wedding cake, she bumps into her formerly-fat ex and his gorgeous fiance. Inspired, she decides to take a look back at her exes and see if any of the others have also improved with time. After having a hard time tracking the men down, she enlists the help of her womanizing neighbor, Colin (Chris Evans). Hilarity ensues, and after many shenanigans–SPOILER ALERT–they fall for each other.

Much to my dismay, it only got 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. What is wrong with you people on there? I mean, it’s not exactly Shakespeare, and I don’t think it should win an Oscar or anything, but ya know what? I effing love this movie, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Why? I’m glad you asked 🙂

Anna Faris is actually really funny. I remember her most from her brief role as the birth mother of Monica and Chandler’s twins on Friends. She was funny there, but there wasn’t really enough screen time for me to appreciate her. In What’s Your Number? she genuinely made me laugh throughout the whole movie. There’s a scene where she’s reunited with her British ex, and throughout their relationship, she had pretended to be British, too. But here, her accent is a little rusty. I watched it with my sister this weekend (twice) and she almost peed her pants during that scene. I literally had to pause the movie because she was laughing so hard. Good job, Anna Faris. Continue reading