Adorable, no?

Hello, everyone!

If you’ve clicked to this page, it means you want to know more about me. That’s very smart of you, because I am incredibly interesting. Well, incredibly interesting might be a stretch. I mean, I think I could hold my own on a reality show. But only if that reality show involved a lot of TV watching, home improvement and early bedtimes. Doesn’t that sound riveting?

I live in Chicago with my husband of 3 years (fondly known on this blog as the U.S.S. Hubbster). We recently bought a 1920’s Colonial that needs a lot of love, so I may venture into the DIY blogging realm soon along with my daily dose of caffeine. But I always forget to take ‘before’ pictures, so that might not happen. Who knows! I’ve got a great family and great friends, and the best husband a girl could ask for. My life is pretty awesome. So why did I start this blog?

One regular day a few years ago, I realized that something was missing in my life. Something creative. So I started writing a novel. Then I started writing this blog. Then I was Freshly Pressed in my first two weeks and felt very accomplished (see my breakup letter to HIMYM). So I started blogging more, and kept venturing out into other aspects of writing and performing. Right now, I’m taking acting and improv classes at The Second City. I’m performing occasionally with a group of very talented friends who I met at SC. I’m still working on my novel, as well as a pilot script and some specs for my favorite TV shows. I recently started contributing for WhatCulture.com, and hopefully more opportunities like that will happen.

This blog has opened up a whole new world for me, and I’m very grateful for it. I’m especially grateful to all my readers–without you, I would just be another wannabe writer spouting nonsense into the abyss of the interwebs. So thank you for continuing to stop by my little corner, and I hope I keep you coming back!



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I have tagged you in a post so that we can get to know one another a bit more. Look forward to hearing from you! This is the link: Getting to know me…..


  2. I love the “My brain is a scary place. Good thing I have coffee.”
    You sound like a really upbeat person to be with and funny.
    All the best in life to you and yours…!


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