Things You Learn Living With A Boy: Sports Decor Can Be Classy

This is one of my favorite things in our apartment.

That’s right, ladies. You don’t have to limit your man’s love of sports to the man cave/basement/den/space of your choice. This is a little project I had been wanting to do since we moved out to DC, but didn’t actually have the wall space or get around to it until we moved into our new (much bigger) apartment last summer.

The Hubbster had this calendar in college, and the top photos were reproductions of vintage Illinois game programs (we went to Illinois if you couldn’t guess that already). They were perforated on the bottom and designed to be removed from the calendar, so when the Hubbster cleaned out his room upon his departure from the house he and a few of our friends rented in college, he kept the 9 that he liked best. He didn’t really know why he kept them, he just thought they were cool. Luckily, he married me, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them the moment I saw them. Continue reading