Dear Hubbster: Happy Anniversary

Dear Hubbster,

Today is our anniversary. Not our six-months-of-dating anniversary, or the anniversary of our first kiss, or the anniversary of the third time we got back together. It is our first wedding anniversary, which means we have been married for an entire year now. People say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I understand why they say that, but it’s completely false in our case. This past year was cake, and good cake at that. Good like our wedding cupcakes. Chocolate with raspberry buttercream frosting. Mmm. It really flew by, too. Like, unnaturally and annoyingly quickly. I want to savor it, because being married to you makes me feel awesome every second.Β I’m kind of angry at this year for going by so fast, because it’s only going to get faster.

Oh well. Such is the curse of life.

In the meantime, we can pretend that the world isn’t moving at the speed of light, and just enjoy day 366 of our marriage. I think it will be a good one. To kick it off, here are some more reasons why I love you:

26. We didn’t get each other anniversary presents, because we celebrate every day. Also because we bought $700 worth of furniture on Saturday. Happy Anniversary.

27. You always go for the heavier bags when we are carrying in groceries.

28. When I decide I want to look at houses on the internet, you humor me, even though we are not buying one yet.

29. When we are looking at said houses, you have really good ideas on how we’d make a fixer-upper a home. I really can’t wait to buy a house with you.

30. When we moved into our studio apartment, you let me paint our walk-through closet teal.

31. Your favorite Disney movie is “Lady and the Tramp.” Adorbs.

32. We don’t fight when we go to IKEA.

33. We don’t fight.

34. That time we went to the dunes, you let me write this on your back when we went to the clay pits:

It was true then, and it's true now.

35. You spent the entire 14 months of our engagement (up until the day before the wedding) perfecting the wedding playlist.

36. When I was sick the other weekend, you couldn’t sleep because you were worried about me.

37. You always tell me I’m the best wife ever.

38. You couldn’t sleep the night before the wedding. Not because you were nervous, but because I wasn’t there to scratch your back as you fell asleep.

39. When we were still in college, I said I wanted our first dance to be to “Everything” by Michael Buble. You said no. Repeatedly. About 7 months into our engagement, I came home from work one day and you said this: “So I’ve been thinking about our first dance. I downloaded some Michael Buble songs, and I think that ‘Everything’ would be really good.”

40. You don’t usually dance anything but the ‘White Boy Shuffle.’ But boy did you impress our friends on our wedding day. That’s why there’s so much cheering πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Dear Hubbster: Happy Anniversary

  1. I just passed the year and a half mark with my sweet bride and I’ve got to agree; the good times go too fast. But when time is limping along whilst I am at work, I get to hear all the women I work with complain about how they hate their husbands. I worry that all the best parts will sprint past and then the parts where my wife hates me will drag on.


    1. I don’t like women like that. They honestly just drive me a little bonkers. I know that not everyone has the perfect marriage, but come on. Maybe talk to him about it instead of dumping your problems on everyone else, give him a chance to work on it.
      And I think you sound like you have it together, I wouldn’t be too worried πŸ™‚


      1. Ha, yea I am not too worried about it. Plus the youngest woman in my department is eleven years my senior so I figure I’ve got another five years or so before The Wife starts complaining to anyone but me about the dumb shit I do.


    1. Haha yeah, that’s what happens when you start dating your senior year of high school. We broke up when we left for college, but it didn’t take. Then he freaked out and broke up with me, but it didn’t take. Then I freaked out and broke up with him, but it didn’t take.
      Then we just accepted the fact that even though we were only 20, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.


  2. I have to admit I almost cried while watching your video… It’s so romantic, and cheery and just so lovely! :’) I wish you guys the best! Happy late anniversary!


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