Valentine Nails

IMG_1974-3I’m not much of a ‘nail art’ kind of girl. It’s either one color or bare nails for me. So I’m not really sure what got into me recently, but I had a huge impulse to don my phalanges with a little gold accent. And since Valentine’s Day is this weekend, why not have a little fun with it?

All you need is your regular assortment of polish (base coat, your favorite red, top coat, gold accent) and some tape. You can use washi tape, masking tape, scotch tape, or in the case of this homeowner: painter’s tape. It is a multi-functional tool.

v-day nails

1. Paint your nails as usual.
2. Take your piece of tape, fold it in half and cut out a small heart.
3. Gently place your tape on your desired nail and polish in the outline. Don’t put it on too thick or it will bleed.
4. For the accent on my first finger, sweep some gold polish onto the very tip. Then wipe the excess polish off the brush and gently pull the sparkles down the nail gradually.
5. Put an extra layer of top coat on your enhanced nails–and voila!

One thought on “Valentine Nails

  1. I love getting my nails done. I started getting them done back in July, and have had a few different designs. This is my fave that I have had done, I think because of the simplicity

    It is nice to see you are still blogging BTW 🙂 I’m writing two blogs now, a budget wedding blog and a blog for some of my randomness with the theme of things that I have quit through out my life. hehe.

    I love your nail design How To – I am too cack-handed to be able to paint my own 😦


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