Chicken Piccata


Blessed art thou comfort food
Blessed art thou comfort food

It’s really cold in Chicago today.

Like, really cold. And it’s only going to get worse tomorrow. But it’s not just Chicago–basically, all weather everywhere is going completely bonkers. And the only thing I want to do when that happens is to stay home and cook in my PJ’s.

But I wasn’t always like that. I didn’t start experimenting with recipes and new foods until after college. But there were still a few staples I knew how to make, and Chicken Piccata was one of them (I even made it in a dorm kitchen once). It was also the first real meal I learned to cook. My dad had been making it for a few years, and I decided to try my hand at it one night for my boyfriend and my sister. It wasn’t a perfect experience (it was the first time I had actually ever cooked chicken) but it tasted pretty good. I also didn’t kill anyone, and the boyfriend ended up marrying me, so I think all’s well that ends well.

I stopped needing a recipe a long time ago. It’s one of my ultimate comfort foods, and I think it’s the perfect thing to try out when all you want to do is eat a good meal and sit on the couch in your PJ’s.

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Grown-Up Comfort Food: Spinach Risotto

Mmmmmm. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yesterday was very crappy weather-wise. It was muggy and rainy and an all-around gloom fest. Naturally, I was in need of some comfort food. Up until I became a “grown-up” and moved across the country and got married and started working a 9-5 job and all that jazz, my go-to comfort food was Kraft Mac & Cheese. I’m certainly not knocking it as a “kiddie” comfort food or anything. I still love it to this day. But I used to be able to eat a whole box in one sitting, and now half a box gives me a stomach ache. Sad face.

So what’s my solution to this predicament? Since I also felt like a dose of something rich in vitamins (because that’s apparently how I roll nowadays), I decided to make some spinach risotto. I am absolutely in love with risotto. The Hubbster and I fondly call it “rice plus,” because it’s like regular rice but with a little extra flair and fancy-ness. The first time I made it, I was terrified. If you’ve never made risotto, do not fear it. Yes, it takes 30-60 minutes to produce (depending on what you’re putting in it), but it is actually super easy. Cross my heart. This one is a little easier than my lemon shrimp risotto I posted awhile back, and I’m including step-by-step pictures in this one. So please. Try out my grown-up comfort food. It was the perfectly cozy end to my grim Tuesday.

Let’s begin 🙂

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Red Wine Is My New Friend

Where have you been all my life?

The Hubbster has been away for work a lot lately, and I don’t like this one bit. Let’s say it’s because I miss him. But really, it’s because I have a very hard time sleeping by myself, and I need my beauty rest.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that I’ve had to sleep without the Hubbster. When I’m all aloney on my owny, I’ve tried several different tactics to turn my brain off, but nothing seems to work quite like being able to roll over and spoon my husband. White wine makes me hyper; when I take Melatonin, I think about it too much, and I psych myself out right as I’m about to fall asleep; Counting sheep is about as useless as decaffeinated coffee in the morning–yes, I’ve actually tried counting sheep; and Tylenol PM has a tendency to make me turn my alarms off while still unconscious. Seriously. Last week I turned off 3 alarms, and then woke up naturally 45 minutes late. Great.

So, my lovely friend Cheryl suggested I try a big glass of red wine to lull me off to sleep. Problem? I don’t really like red wine. Or at least I didn’t until yesterday.

I was a very picky child. And teenager. And college student… But in the past few years, I’ve been giving things that I ‘don’t like’ a second chance. Like tomatoes. And I’ve befriended a whole slew of items that would’ve made me pretend to throw up as a child (Yeah. I did that. Sorry, Dad). And now red wine has been added to my list of new friends.

Though purchasing it was quite the personal journey.

Funny story: I know nothing about red wine (don’t worry, I’ll get to the funny part). I don’t know what has to breathe and what doesn’t, what is better served chilled and what you just stick back in a pantry. And I mostly don’t know where the hell to find any of it in the grocery store. I think everyone in the wine aisle at Harris Teeter last night either thought I was underage, had just turned 21, was illiterate, or already drunk to the point that my vision was severely impaired. Continue reading

Soft Pumpkin Cookies

Best. Recipe. Ever.

I think it’s very clear now that I’m ready for fall.

Right after I had my covert pumpkin spice latte the other day, I decided I wanted to make pumpkin cookies this week. Plus the Hubbster’s in Seattle, so I need things to occupy my evenings besides sitting on Edna (my couch) and watching ’90s movies. Not that that isn’t a good use of my time, because it is. It’s just that variety is the spice of life, and if I keep watching Freddie Prinze Jr. movies I may start wearing ill-fitting pants, butterfly clips and brown lipstick, not realizing that those were all fads that should stay deep in the past, ya know?

I’ve gotten off topic…

Right. Pumpkins.

Since I love you all so much, I wanted to share my pumpkin cookie recipe with you. Though I can’t take credit for it. I found it a year ago right here. Feel free to peruse their site, they have a lot of good recipes.

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