5 Famous Actors You Forgot Were On Gilmore Girls For A Hot Second


Oh, the glory that is Gilmore Girls and the genius that is Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Let’s momentarily push aside all of the brilliant actors that were regularly on the show. Like Edward Herrmann and his incomparable History Channel narrating voice. Or Melissa McCarthy, who made me fall in love with her well before Bridesmaids. Or Lauren Graham, so genuine in every scene (and who I ultimately blame for my coffee addiction). And Kelly Bishop. Oh Kelly Bishop. You are the proper and sassy mother I’m very glad I didn’t have, and you will always be Emily Gilmore in my heart.

Oh right, I was pushing these aside. Ignore their awesomeness for now.

The beauty of watching (and re-watching) a series after it has aired means that you can better spot actors who have, since then, hit the big time. These are a few of my favorites. They all played relatively small parts (some only one scene), and now they are all TV stars in their own right. Do you remember them?

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch GG

Remember Jane Lynch from Richard’s first stint in the hospital? It’s his first season heart attack (not to be confused with his season 7 heart attack), and in between Emily gawking at Luke and Lorelai, she manages to give some nobody-nurse an ear full. Well, it turns out that nurse is Sue Sylvester. I mean, Jane Lynch.

Danny Pudi

Danny Pudi GG

Danny Pudi left absolutely no impression on me as Raj, Rory’s Yale Daily News comrade in season 7 of Gilmore Girls. But that’s okay, because he’s left a huge impression on me as Abed Nadir on Community.

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane GG

The first time that I noticed his appearance at Lorelai’s business school graduation, I was floored. Seth MacFarlane? On Gilmore Girls? How is that even possible? But, as usual, he kills it as a fast-talking ass hole.

Jon Hamm


First thing’s first: Jon Hamm looks sooo young. He’s almost unrecognizable from his Don Draper alter-ego. Maybe it’s the hair? Either way, he is studly. But when he takes Lorelai out on a date (in that season 3 episode where they have to water the neighbor’s lawn), he’s also considerably more boring than Don Draper. Bummer.

Nick Offerman

Ron. Effing. Swanson.

Playing Jackson’s brother*, Beau Belleville, in 2 episodes, Nick Offerman manages to embody the complete counterpoint to everyone’s favorite government-employed libertarian. This key lick says it all.

*I originally said that Beau was Jackson’s cousin, but he is actually Jackson’s brother. Man. That’s embarrassing for me!


17 thoughts on “5 Famous Actors You Forgot Were On Gilmore Girls For A Hot Second

  1. That is so synchronicity-ous! I watched a Gilmore Girls episode for the first time in years today over lunch. Curiously it was also the first one I ever saw. Maybe the universe is telling me that series linking it was the right choice. The only choice…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my holy crap! That must be why I’ve always thought Schmidt looked familiar… I think we can conclude from this that everyone ever was on Gilmore Girls. Next, someone will point out Christopher Walken.


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