Coffee of the Day

small latte
small latte. please ignore the shadow from my iphone.

Alright. I’m kind of cheating a little with this one. This isn’t today’s coffee.

I know. Gasp. But in my defense, it is called ‘Coffee of the Day’ and not necessarily ‘Coffe of THIS Day.’ And it’s so pretty, I had to share it, even though it is technically ‘Coffee of Last Saturday.’ Can we all agree that this is an ok kind of cheating? Like when my sister would always shuffle her card deck so that the ace of spades would be the first card she flipped over during 4-way solitaire and none of us said anything even though we all knew what she was up to? Yeah, Emma. The jig is up.

Now that we’ve got that settled, this was one of the best coffee beverages that I’ve had in a really long time and possibly ever. The Hubbster and I have been going to this awesome yuppy grocery store. They have amazing meat & produce, everything in the bakery looks like it’s from the cover of a Martha Stewart magazine, and they have delicious premade appetizers/sides and ‘just put in the oven’ meals. This place can do no wrong. It is essentially foodie nirvana. We have a rewards card, and I was notified of a reward of a ‘free latte or cappuccino’ from Standard Market Coffee & Tea. Oh, did I forget to mention that they have a gourmet coffee stand in the middle of the produce section? Because one can get a bit peckish when perusing legumes.

The second the barista poured the espresso I got so excited. It was thick and rich looking, and then he really took his time with the milk. He handed it to me without a lid, which I thought was weird until I looked at it. Oh, latte art. I thought you were just a myth. I had heard tales of your wonder, but had never witnessed you in person. You are beautiful. And I love you.

Whoa. Sorry. That got weird.


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