Coffee of the Day

iced triple grande nonfat latte
iced triple grande nonfat latte

I’ve been in kind of a coffee rut lately.

And I don’t mean rut in a negative light. I mean it in the strict definition light. The I’ve been getting the same coffee every day for like a month kind of light.

It’s due to a combination of factors. 1) I haven’t been blogging, therefore have felt less pressure to change it up all the time 2) I haven’t been working out as much, due to my being busy being awesome at other things in life, so cutting out that extra sugar in the morning has been an easy way to make me feel less unhealthy, and 3) With the extra long winter keeping me in a hot beverage coma, I had forgotten just how good these are.

The first warm day I got one, I took a sip and I was all like “Ooooh, you’re delicious. How did I forget how delicious you are?! Espresso and milk and ice, just what I needed!” In fact I said it out loud, on the street, to passers by. And then we all broke out into song and gave each other high fives. And there was an animated squirrel in there somewhere…

Or not. That part could’ve been in my head.



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