Throwback Thursday: Sister Style

Aren't we adorable? I'm on the left, Emma's on the right. Apparently we're having a very important conversation with a relative. I'm assuming. Who else do you know when you're 4?
Aren’t we adorable? I’m on the left, Emma’s on the right. Apparently we’re having a very important conversation with a relative. I’m assuming. Who else do you know when you’re 4?

So, according to all of my social media outlets, yesterday was National Siblings Day: a day to celebrate those who you share some sort of parentage with. Perhaps you exited out of the same birth canal (did I just say that?) or have the same father, or both. Perhaps you share no blood relation, but one day found yourself somewhat legally bound to them. In any event, it is apparently a day to celebrate all things ‘siblings.’

Today is Throwback Thursday: something on the interwebs where you post old pictures. I have never participated in it, but looks like fun. I don’t really know who comes up with any of this stuff, but today I felt like following the herd. I’m also extremely sleep-deprived as the Hubbster is out of town and I can’t sleep without him, so I apologize if my rantings make less sense than usual. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZzzZZzZzzz………….

Sorry, took a quick nap. What was I talking about?

Right. I’m using Throwback Thursday and Siblings Day to talk about my sister. I’m so clever.

I’ve mentioned her on my blog before, but much to her chagrin, I haven’t done dedicated posts for her like I have with the Hubbster. We’ve had our rough moments, just like any sisters do. But she is my best friend. Even when I’m mad at her, I would walk through fire for her and volunteer as tribute Katniss-style.

Image via here

Sorry. Did you know the Hunger Games is streaming on Netflix now? I watched it last night while I couldn’t sleep.  That scene makes me bawl like a baby, because that’s totally what I would’ve done for Emma. Seriously. No hesitation.

Emma and I have an amazing time together. And by amazing time, I mean we get kind of insane and spout inside jokes and laugh at the same really high pitch and generally sound like crazy people. I think most of that comes from the fact that we have a shared history. We watched the same movies growing up, did the same sports, sometimes even had the same friends. We will occasionally call each other up, give no introduction except for “Be with me now,” and then describe something that just happened in our lives that made us think of something else that nobody understands because it’s so out of left field and has nothing to do with the original thing that made us think of it. You follow? Didn’t think so. Here’s an example:

Ring ring, ring ring.
Emma: Hey, sissy.
Jenny: Be with me now.
Emma: K, I’m ready.
Jenny: Asthma.
Emma: I can’t! Onnn account of myyy asthma!
Jenny: Myyy specs!
If any of you understand that, I applaud you. Did you read Lord of the Flies in high school? And then watch the black and white movie? Did you then proceed to quote Piggy everywhere you went and still recall it anytime anyone mentions anything to do with glasses or trouble breathing 10 years later? We do. I’m really upset I can’t find a video clip of it. He has this drawn out, high-pitched British accent. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.
Yeah. We’re kind of nuts. But that’s what I love about our sisterhood. 3 of the best days of my life were when we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yeah. We went. And it was awesome. Beyond awesome, actually. I scheduled it really far in advance–we’d fly out a few weeks after her 22nd birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but because I booked it so early, her flight out of Chi-town was canceled. They called her to see when she wanted to change it to, and even though all she technically knew was that we were going to Orlando, she knew the ultimate destination. Balls.
Still, she was ecstatic when she told me the goof-up, and it was one of the greatest trips ever. We also managed to snap this little gem that very accurately portrays us and our crazy. I watch it when I miss her (she’s still finishing up school in Michigan). Which is technically all the time.


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