I’m like, the weirdest person I know.

This is from last Thanksgiving, the first time I ever made a turkey. I thought the neck looked like a penis, so naturally I wanted to pose for a picture with it to send to my friend Ally. Weird.
This is from last Thanksgiving, the first time I ever made a turkey. I thought the neck looked like a penis, so naturally I wanted to pose for a picture with it to send to my friend Ally. Weird.

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile (or happen to know me in person), I think it’s pretty clear that I have a… unique personality. Someone actually once said to me: “Jenny, you’re weird. You’re like the weirdest girl I know.” I was a little taken aback, because it was obvious that she didn’t mean it as a compliment. I thought about it all day. Was I really weird?

When I got home, I asked the Hubbster about it. I said “Hunni, am I weird?” and he said “Yeah, of course you are.”

But he didn’t mean it in a bad way. He meant it in an ‘I have a kick-ass wife who is awesomely quirky and ten other brands of awesome’ kind of way. And he turned it into a compliment. So whenever I do something adorably weird, he says “Jenny, you’re like the weirdest person I know” and kisses me on the forehead. So, one moral of this story is that my husband rocks, but that was obvious. And the other moral is that I love being weird. Because I am. See below for examples.

1. I leave a trail of bobby pins wherever I go. Don’t really know where they come from.

2.  I frequently refer to Germany as “the homeland” because I am 1/4 Austrian and 1/4 German, which I equate to basically being half German. Sidenote: I’ve never been to Germany.

3. I say the word button like there aren’t any t’s in it. But there are two.

4. I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere. Even when I go out to bars. What? I get thirsty.

5. Sometimes I think in a British accent. A lot, actually. Most of the time…

6. I will put hundreds of dollars into an online shopping bag in the morning, agonize all day over what I really want, and 95% of the time I don’t buy any of it.

7. Every time I say the word “supposedly,” I follow it with the “supposably” schtick from Friends.

8. I had a very intense dream the other day where Earth had been invaded by giant bird aliens that were living underground, brainwashing humans and luring them underground as food. I found out and then led a small band of rebels to save the world. Yeah. That’s totally realistic. I watch way too much Doctor Who.

9. I like to name inanimate objects. Like our couch (Edna) or the first turkey I made (Bill–neck in above photo) and speak of them as if they are people.

10. When I was a kid, my friend and I would pop up from the back seat of the car and wave to the people behind us, then hide, while speaking in British accents. We thought it was hysterical. I still think it’s hysterical. I think I’ll do it this weekend.


3 thoughts on “I’m like, the weirdest person I know.

  1. I guess it makes me weird too if none of your “weird” things strike me as weird…

    1. I name all of my electronics. my first iPod was Armando. he broke, I replaced him and he was Armando Dos. my camera is Maxamillian (Max for short, obvs). my car is Ollie (short for Olive). and my iPhone is Stuart.

    2. I have the same bobby pin issue. I buy like 34770 and lose them all within a month, never to be found again. (until you walk over the carpet and hey, there they all are!)

    3. I quote shows too after using certain words. like Scrubs. anytime I talk about steak, I have to sing the steak night song.



  2. You’re reading a really old version of matt-thornton’s website. For example, if you’re looking at the movie reviews… you’ll notice that none of them are of recent films. Indeed, I leave them here for posterity’s sake, but I doubt very much that they’ll get updated anytime soon. So have a giggle.


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