Coffee of the Day

triple tall extra foam latte
triple tall extra foam latte

I am sick of getting hot coffee.

It’s not that this latte isn’t delicious, because it is. It packs a punch, too, as there’s usually only one shot in a tall latte and I got three. That’s just how I roll. Anyway, it’s a perfectly fine coffee. I just want to drink a Frappuccino without having to put on a sweater. Is that so much to ask?

This winter feels extra long. It was cold when I got to Chicago in November. Yeah, there were a few warm days, but 97% of the time I was already wearing a wool coat, hat, mittens, scarf and furry boots. I looked downright adorable, but that’s a bit much for November. Now it’s mid-March and I’m still wearing all that crap, and I no longer find it adorable. All of my winter clothes disgust me.

It’s also hardly ever sunny out. It’s a semi-permanent state of gloom, and it’s usually raining or snowing or both. When it snowed in December it was great. It was beautiful, it was refreshing. But now? I’m over it. I’m so over it. Like that song. Who sings that? Jo-Jo maybe? Hm. That’s gonna fester…

This time last year in DC, I was wearing shorts most days. Hell, I was wearing shorts in February! So I would just like to state for the official record that I am not amused. And winter blows. Luckily, in exactly 2 weeks I will be driving down to Florida. Thank goodness. I need a vacation.


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