Coffee of the Day

grande skim raspberry white mocha. aka not what I ordered.
grande skim raspberry white mocha. aka not what I ordered.

I feel like instead of using this as an outlet to share my delicious beverages, this has just become the place to tell you all how these baristas continuously screw up my coffee. I asked for a quad grande skim peppermint mocha. Quad. There should be a 4 in that shot box. When I first took a sip, I was like “Why is this so sweet?” and then I saw the lack of the ‘4’ and I was like “Well, shit.” But I was already in the elevator and the store had been super crowded, so I wasn’t going to go back down the elevator and walk in and be like “Um, there were supposed to be 4 shots in this.” So I sucked it up and drank it. I hope that the register guy didn’t hear me too, because if I was charged for those 2 extra shots that I did not receive, I will be doubly mad. I’m just going to pretend that I wasn’t to make myself feel better.

Grr. They probably charged me. Bastards.

Seriously, I was so spoiled back in DC with Alex. And I liked being spoiled. I liked having a drink sign language for when it was crowded, and having someone to chat to while I waited. I liked having the same person make my drink perfectly every day, even if he was about to go on a break or was in the back doing inventory. I really liked taking undertows like a shot at the bar and walking away with people looking at me like I was insane. I do not like this whole ‘you’re just like every other customer and we’re busy so we’re not going to 100% take in what you’re saying and we’re going to screw up your drink and ignore you’ business.

But, alas. They haven’t invented teleports (and according to my research they never will because while it’s possible to separate and scatter all of your atoms, it is impossible to reconstruct them), so I’m stuck here. Maybe I should get to know the baristas by my apartment. They seem to be friendlier and more competent when I go there on the weekends. I could get up like 10 minutes earlier and grab some java before I get on my bus.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I like sleep too much.


One thought on “Coffee of the Day

  1. i wish the regular site would get sweet updates like this. for example, when is #googleonebox going to look as good in a browser as it does on mobile? don’t get me wrong though. you googlers are awesome. freaking awesome.


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