American Eagle Makes Me Feel Old

As I have made my way to the ripe age of 25 and several months, there have been many noticeable changes. Like instead of having to wear my glasses at the movies and while I’m driving, I have to wear them all the damn time (including right now while I am typing on my computer 30 inches from my face). Or the fact that when I get just a teeny bit tipsy, I need about 6 hours of extra sleep for my body to recover. Or even though we’re back in the central time zone, I still can’t refrain from snuggling into bed long enough to watch The Daily Show live. This weekend, I realized that I’ve also made a dramatic shift in my shopping habits.

American Eagle was my ultimate go-to in high school and college. Preppy yet fairly trendy, not too cheap but not too expensive, their jeans fit me well and I always found something that I liked. While the past few years I’ve shopped there less often, it was still always good for the occasional find. But the last few visits have been fruitless. And after this past Saturday, I don’t think I can go there anymore.

First off, everyone in there looked like they were about 14. I’m including the nice employee that greeted me at the door and the manager that helped me look through piles of disorganized leggings trying to find my size. As she was frantically trying to make the sale, I took in my surroundings. Suddenly, all of the cut-offs and skirts on the walls looked ridiculously short. The skinny-strapped sun dresses would have to be weekend-wear only as they’re a definite ‘no’ for work without a cardigan. There was a group of pre-teen girls in matching North Face fleeces crowded around a jewel-encrusted iPhone and very un-subtly pointing at some guys across the store.

And that’s when I started to feel incredibly uncomfortable. So as soon as the manager declared that they did not have what I wanted, I got out as quickly as possible. And I don’t think I can go back. I just need to accept the fact that as sad as it may be, I have out-grown American Eagle. It is no longer age-appropriate nor my cup of tea.

Oh well. It had to happen eventually. At least now I’ll have more time to shop at Banana Republic and J. Crew.

Yeah. I’m like, really preppy. Did you not know that?


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5 thoughts on “American Eagle Makes Me Feel Old

  1. I’m right there with you. I think I tried to get a new pair of jeans at AEO about … 3 years ago? and even then I felt too old. I actually worked there for 2 years and loved it (really great company to work for as a college student). but I’m with you. J. Crew and Banana are beautious places of preppy, happy clothing.


    1. Yeah, I used to get my jeans there all the time but just sort of stopped. Not really sure why. I could seriously dress myself entirely in J. Crew and Banana 24/7 and be ridiculously happy.


  2. The only reason I started/still shop at AE is because my brother works there. Their jeans hold up well, but are way too expensive.
    I totally get the glasses. I’m almost 23 and there’s no way I can drive at night without them; prescription sunglasses are my best friend during the day.


    1. They’ve had sales a few times recently where all their jeans were $29. I snagged a torn up stretchy pair for weekend wear, but otherwise most of my jeans are Gap now. Weird.
      I got a pair of prescription aviators last year and I am obsessed with them. They’re especially awesome for going to the pool or beach because you don’t have to worry about losing your contacts but can still see 🙂


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