Orange Juice Wednesday

Fluids, tissues, and television.
Fluids, tissues, and television.

As I suspected yesterday afternoon, I am sick. Not the flu sick, thank goodness. But the my head feels like it weighs roughly 73 pounds and I’m sneezing and coughing non-stop and have trouble breathing cold kind of sick. Balls. So instead of enjoying a nice cup of coffee, I am going to watch girly TV shows (see above for The Mindy Project) and movies (coming up next: Sixteen Candles) and drink my bodyweight in orange juice. Because it makes me feel better.

For the acute eye, yes, that glass says “Brewed in Milwaukee for people who like beer… and football.” There’s a football helmet on the other side. It’s from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, where we went on a tour with some friends a few weeks ago. If you’re in the area you should go. The tour is hilarious, and they give you the beer up front instead of making you wait until the end. That’s classy. Anyhoo, I’m drinking orange juice out of a beer glass. That means this jobis too serious for a juice glass. For. Real.

I’m gonna go lie down now.


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