Coffee of the Day


triple venti nonfat vanilla spice latte
triple venti nonfat vanilla spice latte

First, I would like to apologize. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in several weeks. It turns out I’m really not at all technically inclined, and haven’t really had time to just sit down for like 12 hours and get my new blog setup to look the way I want it to. So it’s going to be a work in progress for awhile. I hope you’re all cool with that.

Now to the good stuff: anybody but Alex screws up my drink.

I asked for a grande, not a venti. Sure, I’ll take the extra milk. Whatevs. Then I had to correct the guy because he said “soy” when I said “skim.” Fail. Then they put “no whip” when I clearly said “yes whip” when he asked me. Double fail. So it doesn’t have that extra burst of sweetness that I like from the added whip but feel better about drinking it because it’s skim milk. I really hate Mondays.


9 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Uh, I really hate Mondays, too, especially ones made worse by the wrong coffee! I’m glad you are back. I was kinda counting on living through you as I gave up caffeine *gasp* on Thursday. May not last, but until then…your coffee looks delish!


    1. Aww, it’s nice to know I was missed!!
      Holy crap. I can’t believe you’re giving up coffee. Good luck to you, and may my posts allow you to live vicariously and not tempt you 🙂


  2. The new site looks great! I’ve been thinking about making the switch to self-hosted but after hearing some horror stories, I might stick with hosted WordPress a little bit longer. Keep us posted, and best of luck getting everything to look perfect.


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