More Amy & Tina! My Golden Globes Recap

Two of my favorite ladies, drinkin’ it up on stage

I don’t usually watch award shows. As in, I never watch award shows. I went to an Oscar party once, but I was really just there for the camaraderie. I even left before ‘Best Picture’ was announced because it was 10pm on a Sunday and I wanted to make sure I caught a train and didn’t have to pay for a cab home.

This year, awards season kicked off a wee bit differently than usual, with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes. These are two amazingly hilarious women who pushed the envelope when they were on SNL and currently star in/write/produce hit sit-coms. In a word, they are awesome. In two words, they are freakin’ awesome. So I decided to actually watch the Golden Globes this year. Live. Beginning to end. At home. Just with the Hubbster.

Crazy, right? There were some good things about it. There were a few great things. A few bad things, and some things I could’ve lived without. What are they, you ask? Here are some highlights, in no particular order:

Good: Amy’s ample boobage. She sported multiple dresses with a cut out in between her boobs. (see above photo) All I can say is, Yowza! and ‘You go girl.’

Great: Jason Bateman carrying Aziz Ansari out on stage to present, and then Aziz promptly acting like the Downton Abbey girls had given him pot cookies. Hilarious.

Amazing: Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell riffing for like 4 minutes while introducing ‘Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical’. I don’t know if they planned or rehearsed any of it, but it seemed pretty off the cuff. And brilliant. Though Tommy Lee Jones apparently didn’t think so, as he was a stone-cold-sour puss through the whole thing.

Annoying: Amy & Tina disappeared for like 40 minutes toward the middle of the show. Seriously, that was super irritating. Their opening was hilarious. And then they popped up dressed as fake nominees in the crowd a few times. That was great. Then they disappeared. What’s up with that? Their one-liners were absolutely fantastic and the highlights of the show. The only problem was there wasn’t more of them on stage!

Awesome: Live-tweeting. I’ve never really done it before, but it was amazeballs watching everyone have similar reactions to things, i.e. Lea Michele going overboard on the spray tan and Amy & Tina being kidnapped backstage.

Mind blowing: Bill. Effing. Clinton. introducing ‘Lincoln.’

Good: Jennifer Lawrence being adorably honest in her acceptance speech and adorably hilarious by quoting ‘First Wives Club’ with a rousing “I beat Meryl!”

Bad: People being weird and mad at Jennifer Lawrence for even mentioning Meryl Streep in such casual terms. I think Meryl would find it funny. Why can’t other people take a joke?

Duh: Daniel Day-Lewis won ‘Best Actor in a Drama,’ and ‘Homeland’ won for ‘Best Drama Series.’ We’re all shocked.

Twist: ‘Girls’ beat ‘Modern Family.’ And Lena Dunham was really sweet and humble in her acceptance speeches (she won ‘Best Actress in a Comedy’ as well). I may have to give that show another go now.

Aca-awkward in an aca-awesome way: Amy & Tina making a joke about it sucking to be married to James Cameron. And then making a joke about Taylor Swift staying away from Michael J. Fox’s son (who was Mr. Golden Globe and helping on stage, and btw looks EXACTLY like Alex P. Keaton).

Indescribable: Jodie Foster’s speech. So, Jodie Foster was being presented with a lifetime achievement award last night. This is something that one knows about in advance, aka she had time to prepare a speech. The beginning was kind of weird and meandered. A lot. I was a bit confused. Then she came out without coming out, while advocating for the privacy of celebrities. That’s legit. Then she talked about her mom, which was great and really emotional. Lots of people were crying. Then she made a few comments that sounded like she was retiring, but she’s not. So overall, I really didn’t know what to think. It took me a lot of places. Feel free to watch and make your own decision:

Depressing: Wrapping up my Golden Globes coverage on Twitter by seeing that Justin Timberlake dropped his new single on the Internets, listening to it, and being incredibly underwhelmed. Seriously, he made us wait like 6 years for that? Sad face.

Did you guys watch the Globes?


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