Coffee of the Day

double tall skim pumpkin spice latte
double tall skim pumpkin spice latte

There was a little miscommunication at the register this morning. Not that I’m upset about it, but there was definitely a miscommunication. The very nice barista with the cute bang swoop took a little brain vacation when taking my order. First he didn’t really hear me when I said “pumpkin spice latte” and had to ask me to repeat it (you can see he tried to write a C for cappuccino before he scribbled it out). Then apparently heard “with ristretto” as “no whipped cream” (hence the -WC). So imagine my surprise when they called a double tall pumpkin spice latte, no whip. I was like ‘Umm no whip?’ He (different barista) was like ‘Did you ask for no whip?’ And I was like ‘I did not.’ So he put some whip on top. Like I said, I’m not upset. We all have our moments and my drink was still delicious.

But this never would’ve happened with Alex.

1) he always put ristretto shots in my drinks and 2) if I did say ‘no whip’ he would’ve asked if I was feeling alright and put it on my drink anyway. Then we would’ve done some undertows together. Gahhhhh undertows! I forgot how amazing they are!! Alex, if you’re reading this, I miss you. A lot. I guess I could just text you that, though.

Yeah, I have his number. What? Isn’t that a normal thing to have your barista’s phone number? No? Hm. Interesting…

Side note: I’m very sad that they don’t have the holiday cups anymore. We’re back to the boring, stupid white. Is it time for Valentine’s Day yet? Because a ‘love’ cup would really make me feel better about the whole whipped cream debacle 🙂


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