New Year’s Eve, my last stress-filled day, with some of the college crew. I love these goofballs.

I, am a post-holiday zombie.

Not gonna lie, the holidays were kind of easier when we lived in DC. They weren’t necessarily better. Obviously we get a lot more family time now that we’re home, which is awesome. But the thing about that is, we get a lot more family time now that we’re home.

The last few years, we would come home for a few days, or last year we did a week. We squeezed in as much time as possible for friends and family, then went back to DC to live life regularly again. Not this year. This year we had 5 straight days of driving back and forth to the suburbs (45 min-1 hr each way) for Christmas celebrations. That’s a lot. I love both of our families a shit ton, but that’s a lot.

Then after Christmas, I started working on our NYE party. I may or may not have gone a little overboard with the food… I made chocolate dipped potato chips, roasted garlic parmesan edamame, chicken caprese bites, marinated steak skewers, bacon & avocado crostini, chocolate covered pumpkin cheesecake bites, and mini apple pie crescents… Yeah. I went overboard. But it was sooooo yummyyyy and I can’t believe that I didn’t take a picture so I could show off all of my awesomeness. Even though I am awesome, I was a little stressed that day. And then I got drunk on spiked apple cider.

Yeah. That was a good life choice.

Now, everything’s over and my stress level has gone down significantly. But I’m in this post-holiday daze of sorts. Between the end of the election cycle, and then moving, and immediately jumping into Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and all that comes with that, I feel like I still haven’t really gotten my bearings. I haven’t even baked cookies since I got here. Maybe that’s what’s really wrong with me. Maybe I’ll make some oatmeal cookies tonight. Yep. They usually do the trick.


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