Coffee of the Day

coffee 12-19
grande ristretto nonfat latte

Even my easy drinks have a lot of words in them.

Let me tell you, in something simple (i.e. with no added sugary-ness) the ristretto shots make a HUGE difference. I haven’t been ordering them all week, on account of not wanting to be too difficult. But I got them today. And they are delicious.

I didn’t feel like a lot of sugar this morning. Probably because I went to a new class at the gym last night called “Chisel,” which is apparently code for make all of my limbs catch fire. Seriously, that’s what it felt like. That’s also probably where they got the phrase “feel the burn.” It sounds a lot better than “work until you feel like your limbs are slowly and painfully rotating on a spit and then they catch fire, then work more while they’re on fire, and you can’t blow them out or pour water on them because they’re supposed to be burning.”

Yeah. That’d be hard to fit on a t-shirt.


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