Coffee of the Day

Coffee 12-6
venti solo blonde misto w/2 pumps vanilla, 2 pumps caramel

I am venturing into a new land today. The Land of the Misto.

What is a ‘misto’, you might ask? It is comprised of half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. So it’s basically like a latte, but with regular coffee instead of espresso. And because I can’t just leave it at coffee and steamed milk, as I am Jenny, I added a few things to spice it up. 1) I made it blonde roast instead of the regular Pike Place, 2) threw in an extra shot of espresso (the ‘solo’ part), and 3) sweetened it up with some caramel and vanilla syrups.

That’s how I roll. The barista wasn’t actually sure how to call my drink out when it was done. That made me chuckle, because I enjoy being difficult.

Plus, it is freakin’ delicious. Go get one!


What do you think?

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