Coffee of the Day

triple grande peppermint mocha

I will forgive the guy for forgetting to write the “N” in the milk box, because the 2% tastes oh so good. And even though the skinny peppermint mocha I got the other day was delicious, I must admit that nothing beats a full serving of calories.

Plus, I deserve it. I joined an actual gym gym filled with gym people for the first time ever. And, I have been going! Yayyy me. It’s not like I was incredibly out of shape. It’s just that the many stresses of October kept me out of the fitness center in my apartment complex, and let 5-10 unfriendly pounds into my jeans. Rude. But 2 weeks of the rowing machine and some group fitness classes (aka why I joined a real gym) and my jeans are once again happy with me. Bonus? I feel no guilt drinking a full-cal peppermint mocha.



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