Current Musical Obsession: Little Talks

So, I have this little music ritual.

Every few weeks, I’ll go through the iTunes top 100 and download a bunch of stuff in one sitting. It used to be that I would download them on LimeWire (oops) but now I have to pay for them. Sad face. Though I actually have an income now (unlike when I did this in college), so I guess I can’t complain about it too much. Sometimes I’ll look for songs I’ve heard on Pandora and liked, but mostly it’s just whatever strikes my fancy in the 30-second preview. Last week, one of the lucky songs downloaded by yours truly was “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men.

The Hubbster tends to make fun of any new music I download, because our music preferences only overlap about 15% of the time. But he had no complaints with this one. Their sound kind of reminds me of this indie band we saw a few times in college called The Hush Sound, who, if you haven’t heard, you should check out. And they have that uncanny ability to both energize and calm me at the same time (kind of like Mumford & Sons). The female vocalist has a raspiness going that I absolutely love, and the horns in the background almost remind me of a big swing band–but on a more intimate level. The best part? I can listen to it over and over again and find new things I like about it. So you give it a go!


4 thoughts on “Current Musical Obsession: Little Talks

  1. Jenny, I absolutely LOVE this album! I bought it when it came out and I’m pretty sure for about four weeks it was the only thing I listened to in my car. Constantly. Then, when visiting my parents, my Dad asked if I had anything he might like so we listened to it on his stereo. Four weeks of listening and on that day – bam! – I heard so many new things, I kept listening even longer. Am I obsessed? Maybe a little. I do the same thing with new R.E.M. albums(well, not anymore, obviously, but I used to.) Have fun with this one! 🙂


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