My Foray Into the Land of Eye Shadow

See, they make it look easy. But I need more help than just pictures 😦

I am religious about wearing many different types of makeup. Foundation, for example. I don’t like to leave the house without, at the very least, tinted moisturizer. But most days I do my full BB Cream–Primer–Mineral foundation routine. Blush, eyeliner and mascara are also every day musts for me. I feel kind of naked without them. But eye shadow wasn’t something that I ever really messed with. I might put a little shimmer on my lid, and when I would go out I would try my best to put a little something up there. But I always felt lost when choosing colors, and felt especially lost in the application process.

Then I found The Makeup Chair while wandering on Pinterest one day.

I am in love with this girl.

I seriously watched her makeup tutorial videos for over an hour starting around midnight on a week night. I was captivated! In addition to being an adorable little Irish girl (I wish I had her accent), she is amazing with makeup. I figured out that one of the main pit falls I had been facing was that I didn’t know how to apply shadow correctly. Most of the products she uses are drugstore brands like Loreal, Rimmel, even e.l.f. (which is one of the cheapest brands you can get at Target). The real key is in the application process.

So I went to Target and stocked up on eye shadow brushes and started experimenting. Here are the two most important things I took away from watching 80,000 of her videos/practicing on myself: 1) blending is key to getting the right combination of color and softness–using a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend and go over the color once you’ve placed it on your lid gives you way more control over your look, and 2) if you hold your brush loosely about halfway down, look slightly down in the mirror and place the brush in your natural crease, your eye shadow will be perfectly placed every time.

After I had gotten better with application, I decided to get a big palette. And since I don’t want to break the bank, I found an awesome e.l.f. palette for only $5!

e.l.f. Warm eye shadow palette $5 at Target

It’s got a lot of great matte and shimmery neutrals, which is great for every day wear–but it can also get smoky for a night out! I’m kind of obsessed. After I bought it, I was experimenting with different color combinations on my wrists/hands for about half an hour. I looked ridiculous, but it was amazing fun. The pigments give you beautiful colors, which I was nervous about. A lot of cheap shadows look good in the package but don’t give you rich colors. They’ve also got good staying power–I’ve been wearing them all day without any rub-off or fading, so I highly recommend it. They also have a bunch of other palettes with brighter colors, and even face powders/highlighters. So I would definitely check them out–the most expensive one was only $25!

If you’re looking to get a brush set,  e.l.f. has one that includes face brushes as well as shadow brushes. But if you’re just looking for shadow, these three are the brushes that are definitely a must in my newbie opinion: 1) blending brush 2) flat shadow brush 3) defining eye brush (Also make sure you get some brush cleanser. Keeping them clean is very important!)

Happy makeup-ing! Next on my to-learn list is a smokey eye 😉


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