Coffee of the Day

venti ristretto skinny peppermint mocha

I did not get a pumpkin spice latte today.

I know. You’re all shocked and appalled. Well, maybe not appalled, but certainly shocked.

I was eyeing the cinnamon swirl coffee cake this morning, so I thought that maybe I should lower the calorie count on my beverage so I would feel better about it. I decided to get a skinny peppermint mocha, a favorite of my dear, dear ‘Dis Lindsey (when she answers the phone at work, she says “This is Lindsey” really fast and it sounds like ‘Dis Lindsey. It’s kind of awesome).

While it certainly doesn’t taste as good as a regular peppermint mocha, it’s not half bad. I got the ristretto shots again today. I think it’s going to be an every day thing. So, if later, I forget to mention that it’s ristretto, it’s safe for you to assume that it is. Glad we cleared that up.

The girl at the register also forgot that I said grande and wrote it on a venti cup. Instead of re-writing it on a grande, she said “The upgrade is on us today.” Since I used to work at Starbucks and know that there are the same amount of espresso shots in a hot venti as in a grande (2) and that people usually steam too much milk anyway. So, it was a costless gesture, but a gesture nonetheless.

You are still no Alex, but you may win me over yet…


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