Coffee(s) of the Day

morning coffee: tall pumpkin spice latte
afternoon coffee: grande skim cappuccino

Yep. These are both mine. I went to Starbucks twice today.

It has been an excruciatingly long week, and my tall pumpkin spice latte (while delicious) had completely worn off by about 2:30pm. At 3, when I couldn’t take it any longer, I hauled my big butt back over to Starbucks for an afternoon jolt. One could say I have an addiction, but I just look at it as problem solving. And the Hubbster can’t be mad, because he loves problem solving. When we were stuck in Newark for 11 hours trying to get to Vegas on stand-by, he decided to just buy tickets. When I expressed my concern for the cost, he just said “I see a problem, and I am finding a solution! Problem! Solution!” Well, he kind of yelled that last part. And there were hand gestures. We were exhausted, and the pigeons roaming freely in the airport (something I had never experienced before) was truthfully starting to freak me out. I don’t find pigeons cute.

Anyway, why was going to Starbucks twice considered problem solving? I will tell you.

First, you have the obvious of ‘I was tired, so I needed caffeine, so I went and got some caffeine.‘ Truthfully I didn’t really think about it that way until just now… Oops. But just go with me, because it’s really more complex than that. It goes back to a deeper and consistent problem, where I sometimes leave an inch or two of coffee in the bottom of my cup at the end of the day. I don’t mean to. But when I’m really busy at work, I don’t always have time to savor the sweet deliciousness while it’s still warm. Then it gets cold, and I definitely don’t have time to go re-heat it. So I’ve started getting talls occasionally. On Wednesday, I finished the whole tall, and it was just what I needed. Then yesterday, I got a venti (I technically got a grande, but they were out of grande cups) and I left half of it sitting on my desk at the end of the day. Sad face. So this morning I got a tall again, knowing full well that it was going to be crazy busy (it was). Plus I could always go back this afternoon if I needed to. And boy did I need to. So I did.

Problem. Solved.





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