Coffee of the Day

Triple grande pumpkin spice latte. What else?

First off, an apology: It has been an absurd length of time since I posted. I’m sorry. I’ve barely had 2 seconds to myself at work in the past 2 weeks, my evenings have been filled with the gym (to work out my frustrations from work) and red wine (to help me sleep), and on the weekends I just want to snuggle with the Hubbster and soak in as much of DC as I can before my November 9th move-away date. But still. No excuses, blog like a champion. Hm. I should trademark that shit…

Second off, a bit of humor: Alex is away at a conference, and we all know that the world falls apart when he isn’t behind the counter. Apparently my name is Denny. Or Demy. I can’t decide if that is supposed to be 2 ‘n’s or 1 ‘m’. Thoughts?

Oh well. It’s still tasty, whatever is written on the cup.

In case you’re dying to know what I’ve been filling my coffee cups with in my blogging absence, you’ll be interested to know that I have been surprisingly loyal to my pumpkin spice latte. I can’t help it. I never seem to get sick of it. Even if I walk to Starbucks thinking that I will get something cold (like I did this morning) I end up walking out with a psl. Maybe the advertising is brain washing me. Totally possible, as I am easily manipulated by advertising. It can be a hazard. But if the advertising brain washing is what’s making my tummy this happy every morning, I think I can be ok with that.


One thought on “Coffee of the Day

  1. It’s a cool version of Demi, like Demi Moore. Because if someone told me their name was Jenny, I would obviously assume she must have a rockstar name that she would prefer to go by. Are you all ready for the move, Demy?


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