Coffee of the Day

cold pumpkin-y latte thing with whipped cream 🙂

I honestly do not know what I am going to do when I move to Chicago.

I need to take Alex with me. But I don’t think he’s going to go willingly, so I’m going to have to throw him in my trunk. But that will be very uncomfortable for 14 hours, and he may not want to make me coffee once I let him out. Hm. Maybe I need to think of a better plan…

Just an FYI, if there’s a day when I don’t blog about my coffee and you are desperately concerned with what is getting me through the day, you can assume I’m drinking a pumpkin spice latte. A PSL is always a good idea. Always. But today it is muggy out (blah), so I didn’t really feel like something hot. It’s not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed a PSL, because as I just said, it is always a good idea. It just wasn’t my first choice. So, I told Alex I wanted something cold and not too sweet. He threw together some pumpkin and another syrup (I think vanilla? caramel?) and A LOT of shots and shook it all up, tasted it, added some more stuff, shook it again, then put whipped cream and yumminess on top. I took one sip and said “Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.”

Alex, this coffee addict-barista relationship does not just happen. Please come to Chicago with me.

For all of you reading who want to go out and get your own pumpkiny goodness, well, you can’t. Sorry. But I honestly have no idea what is in it, and I don’t think Alex does either. So feel free head on over to my office to partake in the awesomeness in my cup.


That sounded dirty.


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