My Pinterest Addiction Has Officially Landed

Ohh Pinterest. I didn’t know how empty my life was until I met you.

So. Pinterest.

It’s like a big thing now. Okay, it’s been a big thing for a while now, and this post isn’t exactly “current.” But I’m just getting into it, and it’s current to me. So there.

My friend Ally actually got into it pretty early–well over a year ago–and quickly became obsessed. Being the friend that she is, she sent me an invitation, knowing full well my ability to get lost on a web site for countless hours doing absolutely nothing of value. So, I guess I’ve technically had Pinterest for a long time. So long that my username is JenniferAnne. I’m sure none of you probably have that first/middle name combo, but let me tell you, it’s normally taken very quickly.

Even though I creeped in right at the start of its popularity, I didn’t actually let myself use it until about a month ago. The first time I tried, I was having issues with the ‘Pin It’ button. Couple that with knowing myself well enough to realize how quickly Pinterest could take over my life, and I decided to make the smart decision and just avoid learning how to use it properly in the hopes that my ignorance could last forever. Or at least until Pinterest stopped being such a big thing.

It only lasted a year.

Though honestly, I’m proud of myself for holding out as long as I did. A year is a long time. Go me, right? Since I finally gave in, I’ve been a pinning fiend. And after being a month-long pinning fiend, I, of course, feel the need to share with you some of the things I’ve noticed, because that’s what I do. I’m like Jerry Seinfeld, only cuter (I hope).

1) Everyone is engaged. Or at least they are on Pinterest. There is a ridiculous abundance of wedding stuff on Pinterest. Truthfully, I don’t know how we managed to plan such a beautiful wedding without it… Oh right. My mother is like a living, breathing Pinterest. That’s how we did it. Thanks, Mom! Weddings are such a big portion of the site, though, that I felt a little left out. I’ve already had a wedding, so I can’t justify pinning wedding stuff, can I? Ohhh, you underestimate me. Guess who hasn’t had a wedding? My sister. She’s basically sworn off all relevant social media–i.e. Twitter and Facebook–and apparently you have to have one of those to sign up for Pinterest. Weird. So, being the caring and thoughtful sister that I am, I’ve created a board for her future wedding. It’s aptly titled “Emma’s Wedding (bc I’m already married)”. You’re welcome, Emma (and people who want a wedding like hers).

2) Everyone on Pinterest is either fat or in unbelievably good shape. Almost every other pin is a link to some sort of work out program, often accompanied by before and after shots of women in sports bras. If it isn’t a before/after combo, it’s a slightly pornographic ab close-up. I mostly ignored these for awhile, but some of them looked interesting. It’s not that I was actually going to do them–they just looked interesting. So I created the board “Workouts I’ll probably never do” because I like to keep it real. I also pinned this:

3) People shouldn’t discuss politics on the internet. This has been something I’ve thought for a long time. And it’s not because I’m apathetic. I majored in Political Science and Communications in college, I follow the news, and I have my own strong opinions. I just don’t think that pinning ill-informed e-cards or trying to incite Facebook arguments where people just yell at each other is a constructive use of anyone’s time, and it frustrates me when I see it happening. So stop it, Pinterest.

4) You shouldn’t go on Pinterest if you’re hungry. In a very contradictory fashion, there are a bagillion mouth-watering (and heart attack-inducing) recipes clustered in between the workout and diet plans. And because there are so many photo editing apps, all of these foods look extra scrumptious. I feel like I gain five pounds just looking at all the food on here. Of all the recipes I’ve pinned onto my “Yummy” board, I’ve only actually made one: avocado and bacon on toast, with a little pepper and lemon juice. And I will say that it was quite delicious, so thank you for that, Pinterest.

5) I am apparently not a very creative person. I used to think I was. My mother is, and I’d like to think I inherited some of her skills. But the things these people can do with pallets and t-shirts and plastic bags is astounding. They build whole houses full of furniture, create unique art, and find uses for everything that you were planning on throwing out. Basically it makes me feel like an idiot for not being that crafty, and so I shamefully pin their ideas to my “Crafty” board and wait an acceptable amount of time to try something and pass it off as my own. Good plan, right?

6) My wardrobe sucks. I don’t know how people find all of these adorable clothes and shoes accessories, but the Hubbster is probably going to go and kill them for how much they make me want to shop. Every day I see some item that I think I can justify as a much needed staple and will have to go out and purchase at my earliest convenience. Though lucky for the Hubbster, the American Eagle boots I just saw and went to buy are sold out in my size. Bummer. Though if you’re a size 6-7 1/2 you’re in luck.

7) I have way, way too much time on my hands. But we already knew that.


10 thoughts on “My Pinterest Addiction Has Officially Landed

  1. ohhh pinterest… I was like you and I avoided it for awhile. but I couldn’t avoid it forever. it has taken hold of my heart! it really is wonderful though. I’ve made quite a few recipes that I’ve found on there and I’d give it about a 90% success rate! some things are better than others of course 🙂 I’ve also done some crafts too. I made a dry erase board out of a large IKEA frame and some craft paper and sent it to my cousin as a bridal shower gift. even made one for myself!


  2. I got into Pinterest very soon after it started, almost 2 years ago now I guess. I pin regularly but not obsessively- I have several boards and I add to at least one of them every week. And I have had every single one of these observations myself at least once a month since I started using it. Pinterest truly is a weird yet lovely thing.


  3. i wrote about this just the other day at and I blamed my friend kim for my newly found addiction.i am a craft junkie and she knows it. i am low on time so this is just oh so bad for me! she liked being in a blog but didn’t like me being mad at her. i have found some crafts on there that once i try them will be featured on my blog and i suppose will be a board of successful pinterest things. oh btw, i found that concealer on ebay much cheaper! thanks for the tip on that. 🙂 if you like mineral veil, i found a tip on how to MAKE that if you want it and will post it if you want/need. let me know.


    1. Haha I love your post title 🙂
      I’m glad you had success with that concealer! And I actually just bought a new thing of Mineral Veil. Next time I run out, you’re my girl!


  4. oh yeah.. i avoided it until a month ago. I knew better. But oh well, I could be doing worse. I tend to keep my pins away from the norms of the average pinterest crowd and use it to my advantage for business purposes. Free advertising! It reminds me of Tumblr.


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