Coffee of the Day


Can you guys keep a secret? What? No? Fine then, you don’t get to know what’s in my cup today.

Tra la laaaa, la la la laaaaaa, laaaaaaaaa…..

Okay fine. I’ll tell you.IT’S A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! AHHHH!

Uh, I mean, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I’m supposed to be keeping this on the DL on account of the fact that they just got the stuff in this weekend and aren’t actually selling them yet. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that because I know super awesome amazing people (who I won’t say their name but you all know who it is if you’ve ever read my blog before), I got one of the first pumpkin spice lattes of the season. Thank you super awesome people. It’s so delicious 🙂

Sipping this makes me want to pull out all my cozy sweaters and slip on my favorite riding boots. I love summer, don’t get me wrong. I’m always sad to see it go in mid-September. But we’ve been experiencing summer weather since February (no exaggeration), so I’m ready for fall now.

Aaaaand go.


4 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Pumpkin? Autumn?! Summer barely started in London…

    * crawling into my dark cave and not going out until it starts snowing*

    But seriously, sounds tasty 😉


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