The Best Cappuccino I’ve Ever Had


Isn’t it beautiful? Seriously. That foam is a work of art. It should be in the Louvre.

Well, a different one should go in the Louvre, because that one right there went in my belly. And it was even more delicious than it looks. The best cappuccino I’ve ever had.

I think if I’d been more of a coffee drinker when I was in Europe I may have had a better cappuccino, but I can’t even imagine what that would taste like. Then again, the cafe where I got this is actually a French chain, so, Europe still wins either way.

It’s called Le Pain Quotidien. I have no idea how to pronounce that last word or what it possibly means, so I’m going to be an ignorant American and assume it means “awesomeness.” So my rough Fren-glish translation would be “The bread of awesomeness.” That’s close, right? I took Spanish in high school, so sue me. I don’t think the French would be offended, and would take it as the compliment I intended it to be.

Then again, you never know with the French.

Anyway, they have a bunch of US locations. If you live near one, you need to run there. Now. They’re mostly on the East coast and California though. If you live in the Midwest and you start running now, hopefully you’ll get there by Saturday morning.

I was super sad when I found out they don’t have a store in Chicago. Isn’t Chicago a metropolis full of coffee connoisseurs? Maybe? No? Well, it will be when I get there. Now, if only I could convince Alex to come with me so I don’t have to break in a new barista…


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