I’ve Created a Monster(s)

I think I’ve created a few monsters in my office….

Last Friday, 4 other women in my office walked to Starbucks with me in the morning. What can I say? I’m obviously a trend setter.

What made it even funnier was that due to the error of someone who doesn’t know that I go there every day and am kind of a big deal, the names were a little bit mixed up. So Jessi got 5 drinks. That’s kind of a lot for one person, even for me. And Cheryl is now Sharroll (you have to say it with a rolling type of hand gesture, and kind of a grunt in the middle to get the full effect of Cheryl’s new name. See? Doesn’t that feel better?)

And just in case you’re wondering what all the drinks are, from left to right in the back row: Lindsey) grande iced americano, one pump caramel, one pump vanilla; Jessi 1–actually Jenny) venti iced passion tea lemonade, sweetened; Jessi 2–actually Jessi!) venti skinny caramel macchiato; Jessi 3–actually Julie) iced venti black tea, sweetened; Sharroll 1–actually Jordan, who didn’t come with us but we love anyway) grande 2 splenda iced coffee; Sharroll 2–actually Cheryl) iced grande skim white mocha; Jessi 4&5–actually Jenny & Julie) two undertows… Alex has created two undertow-ing addicts. Oops.

We also got some pastries. They’re in the bag.

We may or may not have a problem.

Well, I guess it’s mostly me with the problem, but apparently it’s spread faster than that thing in Contagion (which, btw I did not see, because that is too realistic to not be terrifying and give me nightmares).


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