Coffee of the Day

iced tall caramel vanilla red eye (with whipped cream!)

Once again, I had no idea what I wanted today.

This has been happening to me more and more lately. It used to be that I would know exactly what I wanted before I left. But lately I’ve been kind of wishy-washy, and not even knowing by the time I get up to the register. Then I make this weird sound while I’m trying to decide, and no words are coming out, just this weird undecided n oise. Lame, right?

Though I will say that I can always go for a frappuccino. Not really sure why, but it always sounds good. Probably because it is a dessert and my caffeine boost all in one lovely chocolatey mish-mash of goodness (by the way, I pronounce the ‘a’ in mish-mash as a British “ah” and not a Chicago “aaaaaa”, just so we’re clear on how you’re supposed to read that). Anyway, frappuccinos are yummy. Especially with chocolate whipped cream.

I like chocolate.

And coffee.


Now I just went into a chocolate day dream coma. Sorry. Anyway, my coffee today: Alex has started putting whipped cream on all my drinks, and that’s just a-ok by me. He also put some cinnamon on the top… I think. There’s something on top, and whatever it is, I like it.

I’m like a small child today. Thank goodness it’s Friday.

Peace out boy scout. Later alligator (and other sorts of rhyming goodbyes).



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