Coffee of the Day

iced double tall skim latte, with a special touch

I love Alex, because even though he never makes my drink the way I ordered it, it always comes out better than how I ordered it.

For example, yesterday I ordered a skim cappuccino. He put some spices on top (they tasted a bit like what goes on the pumpkin spice latte) and it tasted sooooo good. It really added a lot to the drink. And today, I ordered a double tall iced skim latte. He shook it ferociously in the tea shaker to get that foam, and he topped it with whipped cream and cookie crumbles. He may have done something else to it too, but this was all I could see. And it’s delish.

I finished this drink in about 6 minutes. And honestly, I’m surprised it took me that long.


What do you think?

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