Dear Summer: Welcome

Dear Summer,

Wednesday was the Summer Solstice, and your official entry into 2012. Even though you almost ruined my softball game with your ridiculously oppressive level of humidity, in the spirit of being friendly, I thought it would be appropriate to welcome you to the year. Especially since it might be your last if the Mayans have anything to say about it. So here I go: Summer, welcome.

Though if I’m going to be perfectly honest, you made yourself at home long before you were invited in on June 20th. In fact, I feel like you’ve just been hiding in my bushes since you were supposed to go on your merry way last September. You’ve poked your head out a few times, like those few days in February where I wished super hard that I could just jump into a pool. You were present enough to prevent me from wearing any of my adorable winter hats, scarves and gloves. They just sat in a pile at the bottom of the closet looking pitiful. Well, I love hats, so I wore some of them anyway. But it wasn’t out of any sort of temperature necessity. It was just me being cute. Except when they started to make me sweat. That wasn’t cute. Do you know what else isn’t cute? The guy at the Nationals game yesterday (100 degrees plus some 80% humidity) that was wearing a wool beanie. That’s just insane. It was so hot I couldn’t even have any part of my hair touch my neck. Hipsters. I tell ya.

Anyway, I’m not complaining about your unwillingness to go out gracefully last year. I am more than happy to take you in year-round, and am very excited that you are back in full force. You make it sunny (almost) all the time, I can go to the pool, I can wear shorts and a tank top without looking like a skank because it’s legitimately too hot to wear more clothing… All good things. Though if you could refrain from doing the annoying things that you do, i.e. letting your 89% humidity make me feel like I’m walking through a pool of Jell-o, cause me to sweat at the drop of the hat, give me sunburn and those sorts of things, we’ll be just dandy.

Summer, put your feet up, have a drink, sit back and relax. I’d like us to be together for awhile.




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