Coffee of the Day

iced double tall skim white mocha. melted, sad and generally pitiful.

I wish I had a good excuse for not blogging for 4 days. “Something like “I was in a coma” or “I met Miranda Lambert on Friday night and she took me around to her next few tour stops and sorry Hubbster, but I made out with Chris Young.”

But no. I have no good excuse.

I have only my apology, and 3 blurry but awesome days in Cincinnati filled with good times, great people and lots of alcohol. Plus a ridiculously exhausting Monday, where I could barely put a complete sentence together, let alone form the witty and complex thoughts that I know you’ve come to expect from me.

I don’t even have a good coffee picture to show you. I was actually fairly busy this morning and forgot to take a picture when it was all full and pretty, and the ice cubes hadn’t melted yet. This is called “I’m too busy to drink my coffee so it’s just going to sit here and melt and look pitiful.” I might need some work on the title…

I hope none of you were as in need of caffeine as I was yesterday. Or maybe I do hope you were, because that would mean you had an awesome weekend too, right?

I’m just confusing myself now. Time to finish this bad boy.




7 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. I am 354 miles away from the nearest Starbucks. It would actually be closer to drive 2 hours to Nevada than the nearest me in California.

    Is there a Fedex near your Starbucks?


    1. Ouch. I have three just within a few blocks of my apartment.I’m not exactly sure why they need three in my immediate area, but now I extra appreciate them.
      I’ll try to send you something delicious 😉


      1. YAAAAY 🙂
        that is going t be awesome,still i don’t want to be selfish ,you are entitled to do whatever you want on your weekend 🙂

        Thank you,BTW i tried the white mocha it is amazing 🙂


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