Dear Hubbster: Six

June 2006
Prom Theme: Here’s to the Night
Oh, Eve 6…

Dear Hubbster,

Guess where we were six years ago?

Yep. Prom.

And because we are disgusting and started dating when we were 18, we were there together. One of the nice things about marrying my high school sweetheart is that the other person in my prom pictures is someone I actually care about. That certainly beats out an idiotic ex, or a last minute set-up because my boyfriend dumped me a week before prom. Nope. When I look at my prom pictures I get to think “Doesn’t the Hubbster look adorable with his long hair…”

It’s occurred to me that I’ve never really dated. I hear stories from my friends all the time and think “I would not know how to function out there as an adult.” I’ve never even been asked out on a date, because the last time I was ‘on the market,’ it was a time where the guy would just ask you to be his girlfriend. Or make out with you and then never call you… yeah, you don’t have to be 30 to have dated more than a few ass holes. I’m glad I happened to find you so early in life.

You know what else is great? You look at me the same way today that you did six years ago. I love the way you look at me.

Other things I love (to add to the running list):

51. A few weeks ago you turned to me and said “I’m glad you already bought ‘Call Me Maybe’ so that I don’t have to. That would’ve been a little hard on my manhood.”

52. If I am out late, you can’t fall asleep until you know I’m safe at home.

53. The way you said ‘You’re leaving me!?’ with fake outrage and genuine sadness when we were talking about me going to Cincinnati this weekend.

54. The way you smile when I say things like “I love you so much I feel like I’m going to explode.” By the way, it’s no exaggeration.

55. The way you smile when I use a stupid abbreviation like “totes” or “obvi” or “b-t-dubs.” It’s the perfect mixture of annoyance and love.

56. The way you let me cuddle with before we fall asleep, even though I’m causing you to severely overheat.

57. The sweet way you say “I know baby” when I’m ranting about something completely silly and of no consequence.

58. The sound for the commentary went off in the baseball game you were watching the other day. So you just called the play-by-play yourself for a little while. I couldn’t stop smiling.

59. The bouncy little white boy dance that you do when Taylor Swift comes on.

60. That look of intensity you get when you step up to the plate in softball. Or when you go for a ball. Really, the whole game. It’s so cute. I could just explode.

Yep. That’s the look.

6 thoughts on “Dear Hubbster: Six

  1. Every time you continue this topic/list, I get tears in my eyes. It’s a little embarrassing, you know, because my own memories don’t give me tears in my eyes the same way yours do. Hmmmm.


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