Coffee of the Day

iced grande caramel vanilla red eye w/cream

What is a red eye? If you’ve never had a red eye, you’re really missing out on something amazing. It’s coffee with an extra shot of espresso, aka caffeinated brilliance. If you really want a jolt, ask for a black eye–that’s got two shots 😉

I wanted it to be cold, so I got it iced. And unlike my friend Jeremy, I can’t drink these things black (he will get very hostile if you try to put any cream or sugar in it). I wanted a little sweetness. So I told Alex to throw in some vanilla and caramel. I wanted both, because whenever I get just vanilla I feel like it has this weird incomplete taste. I don’t know how to describe it. The combination is really good though. If you want to just get vanilla though, you go right ahead. I think I’m just weird. There are 2 pumps each of vanilla and caramel, and it’s just a little bit on the sweet side. I think next time I’ll get one less pump of caramel… or just get a black eye… or both. The possibilities are endless!

I also let Alex put half & half in there. Mmmmmmm sooooo goooooooood.


5 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. The vanilla is TOTALLY incomplete on its own! This is why I’ve stopped ordering vanilla lattes – I can’t tell the difference between them and a regular latte. It’s almost like the vanilla just isn’t strong enough to hold its own.


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