Coffee of the Day

grande raspberry white mocha… x2

Sooo somehow they wrote my cup twice this morning. Not really sure how it happened. I grabbed my drink, and then while we were waiting for Julie’s, another raspberry white mocha was called. Unless one of you blog followers magically found yourself at the Starbucks by my office at the exact moment I was there just to order my super complicated raspberry white mocha this morning, I figured it was highly unlikely that it was another person’s drink. So I thought, hey, free drink! and went on my merry way.

But here’s what I noticed when I took the collars off: these drinks are actually different. And neither of them are what I ordered.

That’s right. Neither of these cups specify 3 shots or skim milk, the right one doesn’t have the extra foam, and the left one doesn’t have the lesser pumps of white mocha. This is what happens when Alex and Alvaro aren’t behind the bar. Obviously I drank them anyway (well I drank one, I gave the other away), and I’m not that mad because I used my free drink coupon. And I got two…

No, I take that back. They had 2 tries and were wrong both times. And I wasted a free drink coupon. Ugh. Alex, can I have a do-over tomorrow? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

    1. Haha they’ve been there for awhile–but the girl who took my order didn’t write my cup until after I said everything, so I think she just forgot some stuff. Annoying. Plus, since Alex has been back, he will even come out of the back to make my coffee, haha


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