Coffee of the Day

iced quad tall latte… shaken, not stirred

I really should’ve taken a picture of this when we were still at Starbucks, because it looked way more impressive there… Piddle.

Okay, imagine that empty inch on the top taken up by foam. Are you imagining? K, good. Isn’t it awesome looking? I thought so. I’m glad you agree.

Alex took my latte and shook it really hard in the iced tea shaker, so when he poured it out it had this thick foam on the top. It was delicious. It’s his version of the iced cappuccino, which is also good. They basically make an iced latte and then top it with hot foam. If you like foam, but are feeling oppressed by this hot, humid pile of gook that’s affecting some parts of this country (namely mine) and want something cold, you should get an iced cappuccino. You won’t regret it.


8 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. hmmm I had no idea iced coffee disintegrates that way…my friend got an egg cream (chocolate syrup and seltzer) the other day and five minutes later it looked *exactly* like your photo, same level in the glass…and no one even drank it!


  2. I absolutely adore iced cappuccinos…or really anything from Starbucks in General. I was there actually both today and yesterday. Yesterday I had a iced caramel macchiato and today I had their Tazo Tea Passion Fruit with Lemonade…lightly sweetened. It is a unhealthy addiction. I’m glad I’m not the only one who suffers.


      1. Absolutely. It was about 90 something when I had it so it was perfect. I kind of want to try the other teas with the lemonade…but I’m a creature of habit 😛


  3. Love that show. I like the one where Jerry looks like he is picking his nose in the car, George losses his glasses and trades his new pair with a blind man (lol), and also when George breaks up with his GF cause of her big nose, lol.
    In regards to technology I dont know how I would live without it, especially without my i-phone.


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