Coffee of the Day

grande skim cappuccino

I told Alex not to half ass my cappuccino foam. He told me that after this, I would never want anyone else to make my cappuccino. He’s right. It’s effing phenomenal.

Then he told me about this guy he used to work with who had been with Starbucks for 18 years, and would make designs with the milk and syrups and stuff on top of everyone’s drinks. Alex tried to make a heart with the foam, but it was more of a blob shape than a heart. That’s okay though. I appreciated the gesture, and I’m more concerned with taste anyway.

And the taste is goooooood.

There’s something very simplistic and awesome about a cappuccino. I wish I could just sit and sip a cappuccino every day. Though I wish this one was in a mug. They taste better in a really big mug. I don’t really know what it is about the mug that makes it taste better, it just does. Maybe the proportions are more conducive to proper foam distribution or something. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation, like the design for the Sam Adams pilsner glass.  Or it may just be that I always get them in a mug when I’m in a restaurant and relaxing…

I should create a scientific experiment for this. My findings will blow the coffee world away. I’ll get published in all of the big scientific coffee journals and became famous. Then I’ll get invited to be a guest on the Daily Show. Jon Stewart will be fascinated by me, and he’ll give me a weekly segment like Lewis Black. Except instead of “Back in Black” it will be “Java with Jenny.”

Hey, a girl can dream.


9 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I might just have to repurchase cable television to watch your segment. Unless of course it’s available on youtube?

    I think we are going to Starbucks today. It’s in the Target. But I’ll probably chicken out of ordering something Jenny-style with a certain number of pumps and instead just order a frap off the menu. Sad me.


    1. Yay, now I can tell Jon Stewart that I’d at least have one viewer 🙂
      If you get a frap, get the mocha cookie crumble. It’s delish, you won’t feel boring at all!


  2. I heart SB but we live in Switzerland. We have 2 in our city, and they are kinda expensivo, plus they don’t have much of the fun stuff :o/ And least they had a few of the fun ones over the holidays, I would have smacked someone if they didn’t. I do splurge and buy the beans there for our every day at home coffee. Starbucks when you’re living away from the states is a comfort, walking into that familar space. Anyway my whole point of commenting is that I was in Italy over the weekend and had a cappuccino there, (which you only drink at breakfast there, or else they look you funny) and it was like 80 percent foam! I had to like, poke a hole in the foam to get my measily ammount of coffee out. Too much if you ask me. I preffer SB. Is that sacreligious??


    1. Hahahaha it’s not at all! Some people like their cappuccinos to have more milk. Ideally it should be more of a half and half ratio. The next time you are in Italy, tell them you want it wet.
      Actually, maybe don’t say that, they could misunderstand you. Try saying “more milk” haha.


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