Coffee of the Day

iced triple tall skim white mocha

Mmmmmm. What a lovely little bite-sized nugget of caffeinated awesome this is. Yes, I realize that was a lot of adjectives, but they all apply, so I used them all. Deal.

Here’s what I was going for with this drink: a concentrated dose of caffeine, something I could drink quickly, cold, and sweet but not too sweet. It was definitely accomplished. Go get one asap, tell them Jenny sent you.

This tastes especially awesome and delicious because I didn’t have caffeine all weekend. I KNOW, crazy, right? I think you all just fell out of your chairs. I would help you up, but I can’t reach my arms through the television because this isn’t Pleasantville, or the Ring. Man I hated it when the creepy little girl came through the television at the end of the Ring. I saw it in junior high, but only because of peer pressure and one of my very short-lived boyfriends. Wait, was it junior high or was it freshman year of high school? Hm… IMDB to the rescue!–it was October of 2002, which means it was the fall of my freshman year in high school, and the short-lived boyfriend was Dom Fazioli. I think I’m still Facebook friends with him, so on the off-chance he reads this, Hi Dom! I only went to the movie to have you put your arm around me when I got scared and such. But if you think about it, guys only take girls to scary movies so they can put their arm around them when they get scared (and maybe brush a little boob in the process), sooo we both got what we wanted out of that.

What the hell was I talking about before I got onto the Ring?

Right. I went an entire weekend without coffee. And it was a long weekend too, so that was 3 whole caffeine-less days. But my sister was visiting–she doesn’t really like coffee, and we were having too much fun doing other things for me to need to run to Starbucks. I’m impressed that I didn’t get any caffeine headaches. Maybe it was because I was basically tipsy all weekend… Maybe my tipsy-ness somehow counter-acted the caffeine headache. Brilliant. Where do I come up with this stuff?


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