Coffee of the Day

iced quad venti skim white mochas

This is Julie’s usual order. Cheryl went next, and said she wanted the same thing. I was super indecisive (again) and just said “I’ll have what they’re having, but with whipped cream.”

While this is incredibly un-original of us, I don’t care, because they’re delicious. Seriously. I could drink white mochas every day. Well, I’d probably have to intersperse some cappuccinos, because they are delicious. And espresso con panna… and pumpkin spice lattes when they are in season… and peppermint mochas… hmm. Alright. I do need more coffee variety in my life. But today, a white mocha is perfect. Plus they look so cute all in a row like this 🙂

Man I’m exhausted. It has been a hell of a week. Work has been insane, but thankfully it slowed down today. I’m pretty sure that everyone is ready to g.t.f.o. and start the weekend. FYI in case you like to use actual words instead of letters/contractions/half-words/acronyms: g.t.f.o. stands for “get the eff out”. It’s one of my favorite phrases that I use as if everyone knows what it means. I tell ya. My brain’s a scary place.


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