Coffee of the Day

mocha cookie crumble frappuccino

Holy crap.

I’ve had this drink for 4 hours and I’ve only managed to finish half of it. This is what I get for telling Alex he can use whatever kind of milk he wants in my frappuccino: a half & half milkshake and a really full tummy. He may have put whipped cream in the blender too.

I either have to just get a tall when I let him run wild, or suck it up and make him use 2%. What a dilemma.

Seriously, this thing is so rich. I feel like I need to go to the gym now. And I know when I say that, I just sound like a whiny girl who’s obsessed with counting calories, but I swear I’m not. I literally never count calories. Ask the Hubbster.  I just feel better when I’m exercising regularly and not drinking large glasses half & half. That’s legit, right?

On the bright side of life, it is Wednesday, aka hump day, aka the third best day of the work-week. This Wednesday is especially good because 1) my sister Emma is coming tomorrow night for the weekend, and I love her 2) we have a shortened day on Friday making the weekend even longer, 3) there is still apple pie in my apartment, and 4) I just switched my Facebook language to “English (Pirate)”. It’s the most entertaining thing that’s happened on FB since Newsfeed (aka when FB stalking became my full time job).

Good things are happening, people. Embrace them. And go change your Facebook language. You won’t be sorry.


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