Coffee of the Day

iced quad grande white mocha

Today, I woke up exhausted and cranky. There was no real reason for this, but I’m going to choose to blame the rain, because rain sucks. So when we got to Starbucks, what I really wanted was an intravenous solution of caffeine. Unfortunately, they don’t sell those. They really should, though. They could make a fortune. I call patent! Anyhoo, since what I wanted really isn’t on the menu, this is what happened:

Jenny: I don’t know what I want. What do I want…?

Julie: An iced white mocha.

Jenny: Ok.

Alex: Well you certainly gave in easily.

But it really wasn’t a battle of any sort. It was just me wanting caffeine in whatever form they chose to give me. Alex put four shots in it because he can recognize when I really need it. I get this glazed, blah sort of look. It’s easy to spot, because I’m usually quite chipper and smiley and annoyingly upbeat. He put an extra pump of white mocha in there too, to balance out the 4 shots (normally I get 3, Starbucks makes it with 2, but neither of those numbers were really enough for me this morning).

And boy is it delicious. You should all be like my friend Steve, who pulled out his phone one day at Starbucks, and according to his gf, ordered my coffee of the day (which was this) “without knowing what any of the words he was saying meant.” He told me it was so good it made his nipples hard–jk but not really. I miss you, Steve, come visit.



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