Coffee of the Day

mocha/white mocha/vanilla/caramel crazy awesome drink

I’m mad at Alex.

Since he burst my bubble last week and told me he had originally put half and half in this drink, I was trying to be good and ordered skim milk.

It’s not as good.

Alex has turned me into a half-and-half-consuming-crazy-person. Piddle. Maybe the next time I get it I’ll just get a tall. That will probably make me feel better about it… Eh, probably not. I should just follow Padma Lakshmi’s advice. I read an interview with her once, and she said she’d rather work out 12 hours a day and eat what she wants, than diet. I like that about her. Mostly because I love to eat.

Speaking of eating, I made an apple pie yesterday. It looks beautiful. I’ll share my somewhat hilarious pie journey with you all as soon as I can. It really was a journey. Pies are hard, did you know that? Especially when you make your own crust, which I did, because I am an over-achiever. I hope it tastes good. We didn’t actually eat any last night because I made grilled scallops and quinoa risotto (which was like a giant protein binge) so we didn’t have any room for pie. If you haven’t had quinoa, you should give it a shot. It’s a grain that’s a complete protein and full of anti-oxidants. It grows in mountains in South America or somewhere, and it’s supposed to be ridiculously healthy for you. It tasted pretty good, too. Kinda like couscous.

I wish there was half and half in my coffee… I guess I can’t get too mad at Alex. He did go through 3 cups trying to draw a recognizable heart on it.


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