80’s Trend I’m Loving: Brightly Colored Denim

Adorable, no?

Oh the 80’s of it all.

The 80’s are seriously everywhere, and now they’re in my pants (dirty!). This spring especially, the fashion world has been abuzz with pants in bright hues–like my kelly green here. The biggest color that I’ve been seeing around is red. Red red red and more red. But here’s the thing: I don’t do a lot of red. Coral, yes. Yellow, yes. Even orange. But not much red. I did snag a pair of red shorts in the same trip that I got these pants (which was a big thing for me), but I feel like wearing red all down my leg would be a little much for me. Green, on the other leg (haha I’m full of puns today, sorry) is a color I am very comfortable with.

I’ve been looking into getting a pair for awhile, but with a trend like this I don’t like to spend too much money, and the shelves of Forever 21 have been cleared out by girls with similar brains for months. The other week, however, on a very successful outlet mall trip, I gave in and dropped $50 on these bad boys at the Gap Outlet. I know, that’s way more than I wanted to spend–I was thinking more in the realm of $15. But they are a comfy stretchy denim, and they hit me in the right place both waist/hip-wise and ankle-wise. They fit me sooo well, and this is a difficult task due to me being very short but also having curvy hips and a badonk-a-donk. So I do not regret my decision one bit–even though the Hubbster thinks they look stupid.

Boys are dumb sometimes. He can suck it. I look adorable.


p.s. this is my “suck it” face if you didn’t get that already


13 thoughts on “80’s Trend I’m Loving: Brightly Colored Denim

  1. I do think they look nice on you. I actually want to get a pair in a bright color but I’m still deciding on what color to get.


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