Songs I Forgot I Love

I rotate my music a lot. But generally, I have one playlist that I am listening to all the time. When I’m getting ready in the morning, on my train ride, and whenever I feel like giving my daily activities a score, this one playlist is on. For the past week or two I’ve been playing “New Obsessions.” It’s a mix of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton (aww) some Mumford & Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, and a few random new hits (ahem, Call Me Maybe, ahem). But this morning I found myself skipping a lot of songs. Nothing was really appealing to me, so I decided it was time to switch to a fresh playlist. But I was on the train already, so I didn’t really want to create something new. Luckily, my iPhone is fully stocked with some awesomeness 24/7/365. Bam.

I ❤ my iPhone

Awhile back, I’m not sure when, I created a hefty number of playlists and gave them various witty titles like “Punk Rock Heaven” and “Mellow Out Please” and “Keane Postal State” (that last one is a mix of Keane, the Postal Service and the Garden State soundtrack. It was great for studying in college. I thought I was sooo clever). My favorite, though, is called “Songs I Forgot I Love.”

It is a particularly awesome playlist, filled with, you guessed it, songs I forgot I love. Does that ever happen to you? You’ll be obsessed with some music, and then one day a younger, fresher tune comes into your life and you forget all about the  now old and wrinkly song that you’re ashamed you ever listened to in the first place. That doesn’t happen to you? Hm. I guess I’m alone on this one. Oh well, no matter.

It doesn’t change the fact that this playlist is choc-full of awesome music. There’s some punk rock, some 90s pop, some 90s “alternative” and  frankly a few things that I am actually ashamed I listen to, but I love them nonetheless. Here are a few that I was rocking to this morning, for your workday listening pleasure 🙂

Deep Inside of You–Third Eye Blind I definitely didn’t know what this song was about when I was in high school. Yeah. I was late to the party on the whole double entendre thing.

Hit Or Miss–New Found Glory I will always love New Found Glory. I’m listening to “My Friend’s Over You” on my Pandora right now. Quality.

Hey Driver–Lucky Boys Confusion This is probably a band you’ve never heard of, but they were kind of big in the Chicago area when I was in high school. Trust me. They’re basically Fall Out Boy, but they didn’t make it big and knock up Ashlee Simpson.

It’s Gonna Be Love–Mandy Moore Yep, this is one of the ones I was ashamed of. I kind of sang it while I was alone in the elevator… really loudly…

Story of a Girl–Nine Days American Pie anyone? Awesome.

Hey Juliet–LMNT Another shameful one. Can’t help it. Like Call Me Maybe, it has me hooked with its cutesy-ness and my high school desire to have a boy say that he wanted to be my Romeo.

The Places You Fear the Most–Dashboard Confessional I often forget how much I love Dashboard. My friend Steve doesn’t though! When he met Chris Carrabba he basically peed his pants.

Fuck Her Gently–Tenacious D Not appropriate for young readers. Though I don’t know if I have any young readers. K, if you’re under 18, don’t listen to this. That’s my official warning. Though if you like Jack Black, you’ve probably already heard it.



6 thoughts on “Songs I Forgot I Love

  1. oh my gosh i used to love “hey juliet”. a friend and i made a lip-sync and uploaded it to youtube a few years ago, but it was taken down for copyright infringement 😛 thank you for reminding me that i totally forgot i love that song!


  2. Wow… some of these songs I haven’t heard or thought about in years myself. Particularly Hey Juliet. Now you’ve got me wanting to go through my mp3 player (no Ipod for me) and see what antiques I’ve got lying around.


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