Coffee of the Day

magic frappuccino

I had no idea what I wanted this morning. But I knew I wanted it to be cold, because it’s actually pretty nice out today. After 2 days of rain, it’s been sunny all day! Knock on wood/fingers crossed/all that jazz that it will stay this way for our softball game tonight. And for the post-game drinking, because we go to an outdoor bar and play flip cup. It’s kind of really awesome.

Please don’t rain!!!!

Anyhoo, I was feeling great this morning, partly due to the rain and partly due to sleeping like a rock last night (yay!), so I decided to go whole hog and get a frappuccino. Hm. Where does the expression whole hog come from? If you know, please tell me, because now it’s all I can think about… Coffee. Right. Back to the important bit.

When I asked Alex to put skim milk in my frap (they usually make it with whole milk) he made fun of me. Then he told me he put half & half in that super delicious drink he made me last Thursday. Sneaky bastard. We compromised on 2%, but Julie saw him put whipped cream into the blender. Double sneaky bastard. I think he put chocolate chips and cookie crumbles in it.  And there’s probably extra espresso in there, too. And it’s topped with chocolate whipped cream and cookie crumbles… It’s seriously good. I may go into a chocolate coma today.

Worth it.

Have I mentioned that I’m happy Alex is back? Because I’m very happy 🙂


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